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Stories Stories Education 'A positive start to my adventure' says school swap teacher Lyndsay Jenkins

'A positive start to my adventure' says school swap teacher Lyndsay Jenkins
Written by maricel      February 13, 2015    
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MY first two weeks with the pupils at Suneden Special School have been wonderful.

The pupils and the staff have been increasingly welcoming, supportive and open to new ideas as I share my experiences of a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning within my class, Sparkle Class, in QE High.

Some Suneden staff have already started to take on board the multi-sensory day of the week routines that we carry out in Sparkle Class.

Teaching and learning

In Sparkle Class we concentrate on a different colour, smell, taste, drink, tactile experience and song every day to help the pupils distinguish the days of the week.

This routine also encourages the pupils to develop early communication skills and encourages an interest in the world around them.

As emphasised by Penny Lacey, my very inspiring M(ed) course tutor who sadly passed away last month, it is important to provide environments that provoke curiosity to encourage learners with severe and profound learning difficulties to think and become as independent as possible.

This consistent multi-sensory routine helps support pupils with complex needs to use cues to build up a picture of the environment, anticipate what will happen next and understand the world around them.

The colours were chosen by a past pupil at Sparkle Class who was able to distinguish between the days of the week herself, but wanted to have an input to help her peers.

My Sparkle class team of staff are very committed to promoting the pupils’ development and not only do they change the colour of the day display daily in class, but they wear the colour of the day to support the pupils, which I am very proud of.

One member of staff at Suneden has also started wearing the colour of the day and it has been a pleasure to see her enthusiastically visit my class at the end of the day to tell me how well the new sessions have gone and how motivated she is to develop this further after observing the positive responses.

All in all, it has been a very positive start to my adventure indeed.

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Suneden Special School, 21 McInerney Avenue, Mitchell Park, SA 5043, UK
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