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Stories Stories Lifestyle "Eat Grass to be Closer to God" Says a Preacher in South Africa

"Eat Grass to be Closer to God" Says a Preacher in South Africa
Written by Michael     March 20, 2014    
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Pastor Lesego Daniel shares his belief that consuming the Earth will bring followers closer to God and is a sign of religious devotion, reported. Some members of the congregation have even claimed that it has healed health defects - from a sore throat to a stroke. He also makes people sleep on demand and then asks members of the sect to trample on them and slap them.

The Bizarre Practice Takes Place at Rabboni Centre Ministries in Garankuwa, South Africa

His controversial practices have drawn outrage from many members of the South African community after photographs of people being sick in the aftermath were shared on social networks. Daniel, known as "the miracle man", tells his followers that humans can consume anything to feed their bodies and can survive on anything they eat. 



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• Himabindu Venkat
Contributor's Comment
• A preacher in South Africa advises his followers to eat grass and cleanse themselves so that they can be "closer to God".
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