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Drones To Keep Fans Connected At Cowboys Games, Other Events
Written by jonathan     October 07, 2016    
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Staying connected while at AT&T Stadium is about to get a whole lot easier.

The communications provider has rolled out its new drone program with one mission… improve connectivity in all of the sections inside AT&T Stadium.

Art Pregler, the AT&T Drone Program Director explained the drones are equipped with mobile signal measuring devices and they fly over every seating section.

Those devices then gauge how strong mobile signals are in the areas they survey.

Proper adjustments

Pregler says the idea is to be able to identify which areas need a boost in signal service and then make the proper adjustments.

“We fly drones here so we can understand what is going on at each seat in the stadium so we understand the user frustration,” said Pregler.

The reality, according to Pregler, is that big event venues like AT&T Stadium get packed with people who are all competing for the same wireless signals.

“From that drone information we can target specifically where we need to make upgrades to our network, and we can add that capacity,” said Pregler.

AT&T is also using the drones to assess their outdoor free-standing antennas.

The company said the drone program is fully operational now and available to any venue serviced by AT&T.

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